vendredi 20 février 2009

Programme: Semaine 4

Kate Chopin, A Pair of Silk Stockings
You are responsible for finding information on Kate Chopin.

The story is simple enough, as is the style. Read the story carefully and answer the following questions :

1. Give a very brief resume of the story, not your interpretation. Just the story itself.
2. Identify the narrative technique.
3. Who is Mrs. Sommers ? What do you know about her, about her life ? How do you get this information ?
Dialogue ? Narration ?
4. What is the narrator saying about the society in which Kate Chopin lived ?
5. What are the similarities and differences between the period when the story takes place and 2009.
6. Describe the narrative technique in lines 68-74.
7. Describe the style of lines 123-125.
8. Translate lines 100-114.

Patrick Henry Bruce, Nature Morte
You are responsible for finding information on Patrick Henry Bruce.
1. Describe what you see in the painting reproduced on p. 19. Not interpretation. Just describe.
2. How can this painting be related to Kate Chopins story. Not just thematically but in its style. Are the colors used in the painting different from or similar to the prose style in A Pair of Silk Stockings ?

Bon courage. I look forward to hearing from you.
Please answer the questions below. (Return your answers by e-mail at Mrs Martin.)


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