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Programme: Semaine 5

Stephen Crane, The Open Boat

You are responsible for finding information on Stephen Crane.
As opposed to the text for week 4 where you had the entire short story, this is the opening passage of a much longer work, a nouvella. Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions.
1. Give a very brief resume of the story, not your interpretation. Just the story itself.
2. Identify the narrative technique.
3. How many men are in the boat ?
4. Who is she in the stanza that runs from line 29 to 37 ?
5. What is the antecedent of which is never at sea in a dingey [alternate spelling for dinghy].
6. Describe the conversation that takes place in lines 55-69.
7. Comment on the fact that in lines 143 and 144, the cook and the captain are described as being serene and cheerful.
8. Translate lines 23-32.

Thomas Eakins, Biglin Brothers Rowing
You are responsible for finding information on Thomas Eakins.
1. Describe what you see in the painting. Not interpretation. Just describe.
2. Comment upon this painting in light of the story The Open Boat. What are the differences in : setting, posture of the men in the boat, the boat itself ?

Bon courage. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please answer the questions below. (Return your answers by e-mail at Mrs Martin.)


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