mardi 17 mars 2009

Programme de travail & informations

Dear third-year students,

I want first of all to congratulate those of you who have sent me work. You are to be admired for persevering in such difficult circumstances.

I have corrected your papers and would like to return them, with comments and corrections, next week.

I have also prepared suggested translations for the designated passages from those texts.

It may be that classes will resume on Monday, according to the 50/50 plan. This will be known after the student-body AG later this week and after the Friday meeting of the Conseil d’UFR. If classes do resume, the week of March 23-27 will be organized as such: mornings (8h-13h) classes; afternoons, “cours hors murs.” NEVERTHELESS, TUESDAY, MARCH 24, HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AS A DAY OF POLITICAL ACTION. That means that, whatever is decided, CLASS CANNOT BE HELD ON TUESDAY. Since I would like to meet with you and since I think that some of you would like to meet with me, I suggest AN INFORMAL GATHERING (not a class, simply a chance to speak with you and return your papers) on MONDAY, MARCH 23, in my office (A07) from 12h-14h and/or from 16h-18.

Since this is not a class as such, you can come by at any point during the two time slots.

For now, my general observations on your work are that you read well and understood the texts and that  you made good technical observations but were reluctant to go beyond technical matters, whether for the texts or for the paintings. For the translations, your French was often faulty or clumsy.

I am enclosing a study sheet for the text for week 7.
I look forward to seeing many of you on Monday.

     Taffy Martin


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